Sunday, March 11, 2012

Scaling Back

It started a couple of years ago with an ill-conceived idea of launching a hand-painted greeting card store on Etsy - how hard could that be? - and progressed slowly from there: blogging (not one, but two sites), opening another virtual store on Zibbet, providing cards to a small boutique near Tulsa and signing on to do my first craft show.  I took online courses to learn HTML, XHTML and Dreamweaver with the goal of creating my own website.  Then added a class to learn ways to promote that website - a website as yet unrealized, I might add.  I started spending a lot of time promoting my blogs, commenting everywhere I could, following like-minded bloggers and generally spending way too much time clicking away on a keyboard.  Since I didn't do all of these things at once, I didn't appreciate the time that these all of these "little" projects would take - until I was juggling all of them.  One of the reasons Kel and I moved from Washington, DC was to get away from our computer screens.

My time outside, my time in the garden dwindled; my enjoyment of being in the kitchen messing with the mixing bowls lessened because it always felt like I needed to do everything really fast and I stopped relishing the process.  My once-daily yoga practice turned into once a week, if I was lucky.

So after a good talking-to with myself, I'm scaling back.  Dough, Dirt & Dye will get the short-shrift while I focus most of my blogging energy on An Unrefined Vegan - where my heart and stomach really lie.  Triple D will remain the home of my BESTeam features, and any pretentious literary-minded musings that crop up.  Empty on the Inside will not be stowed away in mothballs, but I won't be devoting much time to it.  Perhaps in the future I'll get back into it and give it the attention it requires/deserves.  In the meantime, I hope you'll keep up with me at An Unrefined Vegan


  1. I've added An Unrefined Vegan to my dashboard!

  2. Quite understand the reasoning. Every now and again, I realise the dangers that can be the result of trying something new - just for once, and then getting hooked. Glad you're not disappearing completely. Will still keep in touch.

    Get better soon!

    1. Thanks, Isobel - will definitely stay in touch!

  3. I know how you feel. I had to put myself on a scheduale, and when my morning computer time is done, I UNPLUG IT AND PUT IT AWAY whether I was done with work or not. And rarely get it out on liberating. lol

  4. It sounds very sensible but I'll miss you here! Guess I'll hop on over and check out the food instead - yummy!

  5. I definitely understand how you feel. I have been completely overwhelmed with too many Etsy shops, trying to keep my teacher blog running as well as my personal blog.. it all becomes too much time in front of the computer.

    I closed one of my Etsy shops at the beginning of the year and have been trying to focus on quality promotion over quantity. I have no idea how some of these blogs have thousands of followers but I am guessing there was plenty of effort in the beginning stages for them as well! Best of luck!


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