Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goin' to California

Triple D will be quiet for a few days while I journey to northern California to spend time with two of my best and dearest friends (whom forthwith shall be dubbed L and K) - women I've known for (gasp) 28 years - ever since our first nervous days as freshmen art students at Miami University (that's the one in Ohio, folks).  The richness of my college experience is owed in large part to these two beautiful women.  I've trusted them with some of my most intimate secrets, and they've never betrayed my faith in them.  They've been both support and comfort during difficult times.  They've been my partners in shopping crime.  And they've never failed to make me laugh until it hurt.

Over the years we've kept in weekly, sometimes daily touch by email and every few years we manage to slow down our busy lives enough to see each other in person.  The photos below are from our last trip to California where the three of us completed the 2009 Nike Women's Half Marathon.  (Incidentally, an incredible if painful way to see San Francisco.).  L was down with the flu, my left knee was shot and my right foot gave out somewhere around mile 15; K ran it ably while intermittently texting me to see where I was - and thus in our own fashions, we crossed the finish line.
This trip is extra special.  We are celebrating L's wedding.  I'm so happy to be able to be part of this special occasion in her life and to add to the treasure of memories that we share.  It will be a time to reconnect, to remember, to laugh, and if we can squeeze it in, do a little shopping.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful trip and a great visit with old friends.

  2. Oh, how great, all of it.

    Annie was born and raised in Brookville, IN, and lived for quite a while as an adult in Oxford.

    The Good Luck Duck

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