Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today's Dough: Anadama Bread

In his bread baking tome, The Bread Baker's Apprentice, Peter Reinhart relates the apocryphal story behind the origin of Anadama bread: an angry fisherman finds that his the wife has flown the coop - leaving behind only a pot of cornmeal mush and molasses.  To make a more substantial meal, he adds yeast and flour and curses her by saying, "Anna, damn 'er!"  Over time the oath was allegedly shortened to Anadama.  Whatever the true origin of the name, the bread is generally agreed to hail from Rockport, Maine - possibly via Finnish immigrants.

It is a hearty, slightly sweet whole grain bread that bakes up with a nice, crunchy crust and soft crumb.  It works well as a sandwich bread whether the fillings are sweet or savory.  The version I'm sharing on An Unrefined Vegan is a big batch of the no-knead variety so it can be made up, stored in the refrigerator and baked as needed - as loaves or rolls.


  1. That looks so crusty and hearty. Reminds me of Irish brown bread.

    1. It is a bit like that, but not as sweet.

  2. Ooh, Annie is doing a lot of no-knead bread lately, so I'm going to get that recipe. For her, naturally. I'm always thinking of her.

    The Good Luck Duck

  3. This looks great! I really like making cakes and batter breads, but I admit I'm intimidated by anything that looks like it might need yeast!

  4. Surely, there has to be some kneading - if only before putting it into the 'fridge? If not, will surely have a go sometime - but alas, our 'fridges are not as capacious as yours and we seem to have a lot in ours most times.

    Added to which, although tiring, I do find kneading tremendously therapeutic and relaxing - I can think of some folks I've met along life's journey that I'd like to treat in a similar way while I'm doing it!!!!


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