Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Peril of Flat Surfaces

There is something more dangerous than the icy slope, stronger than the hungry pull of gravity, more treacherous than the scree-strewn slopes of a mountainside: it is the dreaded flat surface.  The side table, the bench, the seat, even the kitchen stool is not safe.  A magnetic force pulls objects towards the alluringly safe surfaces.  Their pancaked placidity cries out for detritus to be stacked upon them which then become trapped, immovable as Easter Island stones. There is no known remedy to combat the flat surface; as yet preventative measures have proved unsuccessful.  Where is the measuring tape?  The baseball cap from last summer?  The key to the lock on the gate?  Check the nearest flat surface.


  1. How very true! But, one only puts them there - until one has time to put them were they're supposed to be. Right?

    It's just finding the time that makes it all so difficult!

  2. Flat surfaces make my smiley face frowny.

  3. when did you peek into my house??? lol. actually my flat surfaces aren't too bad, just don't open any drawers. :~P

  4. Oh wow, this got every one going - fascinating input mixed with a good read.

  5. Don't I know it! Where does all that stuff come from?

  6. Lol. This post made me look around my house... and yea, theres at least one thing on every flat surface. WEll Said. Couldn't have said it better. =)


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