Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Long Shadows of A Late Afternoon in Winter

"Which way should we go?"
"Let's go up."

And we do.  We follow the cows' paths, smooth and slim, erratic.  Some of the paths are deep gulleys with mud rivulets where rain has gushed; some are sandy and smooth.  We aren't the only ones who take these byways.  There are coyote prints and dogs' prints, opossum and raccoon, crow, turkey and large feline prints that appear secretive, slow, stealthy.

In spots the air is cooler and lighter.  We squint in the setting sun - which burns more fiercely as if recognizing its own sad passing below the horizon.  Don't forget me.  As the hour deepens, our shadows lengthen, soon so long it is as if we are following them home.


  1. What a nice scene you set with your photos and words. I love the last picture with the arms raised.

  2. Very evocative - as ever! Soon, I hope, will have a Raccoon to join the Coyote in the Etsy.com/shop/coldhamcuddlies on Etsy. Have one version that is a plain one, and one that has the Raccon dressed. Should be fun to try both, and is yet another link between us, Annie!

    1. Hi Isobel.........so you went with Racoon for that new fur? can't wait to see!

  3. that's exactly what I ws thinking yesterday my walk- winter's shadows. thanks for sharing your walk. nice to find a kindred spirit. btw, if you're now in oklahoma, you must check out the pioneer woman's blog if you haven't already. she shares the most beautiful vistas too and makes me laugh on a regular basis.

  4. Beautiful poetry. I love the perspective in the last photo.


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