Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

This year I've heard a lot of this kind of thing: I'm not one for resolutions, so this year I'm not making any.  I'm definitely in this camp as well.  I don't make bargains with myself.  If I want to do something, I'll just do it.  It's enough for me to have general goals - pliable and soft as bread dough - and of those, I have many.  The trick is to not let my goals run roughshod over my sanity...

2011 had its share of ups and downs for me and my family, but the good things definitely outweighed the bad and this is a ratio with which I can live; I should be so fortunate in years to come.  I am fully aware of how lucky I am and I try (though I don't always succeed) to be appreciative of that fact.  I have a loving, funny and patient life partner, a supportive family and a loyal cast of friends.  Raw nature and beautiful scenery are the backdrop to my days; a stranger in the form of a small dog walked out of the woods and changed our lives for the better; and I'm able to spend my time doing the things I love: baking, cooking, creating, reading and walking the fields and woods.  You see what I mean about being lucky?

I heard this recently and it made sense - simple and obvious - yet still it can escape us: "Be nice.  Don't lie."  For goals, this seems like one to practice every single day.

Wishing everyone a 2012 filled with new discoveries, friends, family and much happiness!


  1. Agree - whole-heartedly, Annie! Hope we keep up our contacts: they have been great fun. Hope you do achieve all you hope to in 2012 - especially with the card outlet and family health matters. When do you take off westwards?

    Cheers. Isobel


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