Saturday, January 14, 2012

Game Cam Update

On its second night "out in the field" we got exactly zero photos from the wildlife camera.  Not to be deterred Kel set the camera up once again - this time at the edge of the woods, facing into the pasture - a high-traffic area.  The next morning we had lots of photos: the usual array of cows (one actually used the camera to scratch an itch on her chin), a rabbit and a big raccoon.  But the best photos of the night were of a coyote (which should please my friend Isobel).  It's clear from two of the photos that he or she was startled by the flash of the camera.

On another night we set the camera to video to see if we could get any action shots.  When I first saw the video below, I thought the small creature hopping across in and out of the frame was a frog.  A frog in December?  A closer look revealed a mouse with a very long tail.


  1. Love the pictures...I bet if I put a camera in my hallway, I could get some great pics of the wildlife that empties our cookie jar every night, hahaha. but the video didn't work for me :(

  2. I love the whole concept, you got some great photos, what fun!


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