Thursday, January 12, 2012

5 Neglected Tasks (That I'm Thinking About Doing Soon)

1) Clean the Coffee Pot
I'm not the coffee consumer in the household.  Well, I'm not the major* coffee consumer in the household.  And I'm fairly certain the major consumer/barrista would be hard-pressed to notice if the coffeepot did not receive its occasional maintenance.

The maintenance?  I "brew" white vinegar and water through the pot a few times and swirl a combination of kosher salt and ice cubes around and around in the carafe.  The metal mesh filter gets brightened and some of the stains on the inside of the carafe come out, but my undiscerning taste buds don't notice any improvement in the taste of the coffee.  Here is the formula that I use:
Use 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water.
Pour the mixture into the water reservoir of the coffeemaker and cycle/brew through.
Turn off the coffeemaker and let the pot cool for 20 minutes.
Follow with two full cycles/brews of fresh, cool water.
*It's true.  I do, in fact, require 1/4 cup of fresh-brewed coffee when I make a Hot Chocolate-Mocha drink.

2) Vacuum Along Baseboards
I should do this every time I vacuum.  I should.  But it's difficult on the knees.  And there are so many baseboards.  When quickly running the vacuum around the house makes everything look neat and clean, it's hard to justify going that extra mile (literally) more than once or twice a year.

3) Change Furnace Filter
Ridiculously easy and quick job.  And yet it can hang around on my To Do list for months.  I write the date of the filter change on the filter itself and I'm always mildly embarrassed at how late I am in changing it.  Thankfully there is no Furnace Filter Police checking up on me.

3) Change Brita Filter
No big deal, right?  A few minutes and it's done.  But it's another filter that I don't change often enough, despite the handy sticker on the side of the container that tells me exactly when to change it.  I always say: I'll get to it tomorrow, but right now I just need a glass of water.

5) Dust the Venetian Blinds
Dusting.  A hateful job.  You dust; it flies around the room and resettles itself.  But dusting blinds is even worse.  It's got to be on the top 10 list of worst household chores.  I even bought a handy-dandy tool with which to do this thankless, miserable, tedious task.  Do I use it?  No.  I had visions of me quickly and easily cleaning the wood slats and feeling tremendously satisfied about it.  Turning visions into actions...that's the rub.


  1. Annie,
    You're making me feel like a neglectful housewife! I need to do some chores around here, too. I eliminated all blinds and shutters just so I wouldn't have to dust them! Washing curtains is so much easier!

  2. Haha Sweet Posy, I got rid of my blinds for the same reason. And I put that frosted paper vinyl on the windows in the kids rooms so I wouldn't see the fingerprints everytime the sun shines, or wash curtains. hahaha. I need to clean my house too, but hey, my Christmas decorations need to come down first. Boy am I slow.... :~D

  3. Thank you for reminding me about all the tasks I need to do around my house. My boiler was recently replaced and I was appalled by how my baseboards look when the guys were bleeding out the lines! 2 cats make for filthy baseboards!

  4. Ha, I was just talking to my coworker today about what we were doing this weekend, meaning puttering around the house trying to do those things we keep putting off, but really take a few minutes. it's sorta like flossing. you know you should do it, because it only takes a minute to do, then again you think, but it's only a minute, i'll do it tomorrow or later. all i can say is you're not alone!


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