Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today's Dough: Maple Walnut Wheat with Dried Cherries

I learned something the other day.  Cinnamon is a major yeast-inhibitor.  Not the most earth-shattering of revelations, but it kinda knocked me for a small loop.  Turns out if you put more than a 1/2 teaspoon or so in your dough, you're slowing down the little yeasty critters and reducing the rise.  Best to go light on mixing in the cinnamon or add it via a swirl a la cinnamon rolls.

I had this fact in mind when I put together this whole wheat bread.  I kept to the recommended amount, and let the dough rise slowly for a long period of time.  I got a beautiful first and second rise and the smell emanating from the oven during baking...let's just say, you'll need never go back to Cinnabon.

A soft, imminently toastable bread stuffed with plump tart cherries and crunchy toasted walnuts - this is a simple recipe with a dough that's very easy with which to work.  For the recipe, please visit An Unrefined Vegan.


  1. I didn't knew cinnamon kept yeast from working either!

  2. that looks so good, I can almost smell it. lol

  3. I did not know this about cinnamon either! The bread looks delicious!

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