Monday, December 19, 2011

Lost...and Found

We took a walk into the woods to enjoy the beautiful late afternoon sunlight and warmth, crunched through the fallen leaves and ducked under branches with Ike and Winston running erratically ahead, exploring.  We climbed up a small, rocky ridge and started to come back down when I said, "Look for that rock with the grinding holes in them - - " and no sooner had I said it then Kel was bending down and wiping wet leaves off of the surface of a large, flat boulder.

Sure enough, he'd found the grinding rock.  Further proof of finding when not seeking.  One of the holes is about 5" in diameter and 4" or so deep.  Moss has crept to the edge of it as if peering in.  The other hole was filled to the top with years of leaves - blackened and turning soupy at the bottom.  It is probably 6" in diameter and maybe 10" deep.  A well-used spot.  I'm so glad that the grinding rock hadn't vanished after all.

When we'd cleared away the debris, Winston climbed onto the rock and dipped his head down into the large hole and drank up the water that had collected at the bottom.

(The original post about this rock, The Point of Rocks, can be found here.)


  1. An early Christmas gift! So glad you rediscovered the rock.

  2. Ah, the joys of walks with children and pets!

  3. Very cool! Glad you guys were able to find them!

  4. How cool to discover something like that on one of your walks!


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