Friday, December 9, 2011

A Greenhouse Update

While it's not quite the right temperature for the lounge chair and bathing suit, stepping into the greenhouse on a cold but sunny day is a little like stepping off of an airplane that took you (wrapped in your warmest coat, hat and gloves) from a Cleveland February to the Florida Keys.  The feeling is one of liberation and nearly instantaneous relaxation.  Warm, moist air greets you as you open the door and step inside.  The smell of plants growing - the fragrance of moss - fills your nose.  Coat, hat and gloves come off.

But there is serious, if slow, work going on.  We now have three raised beds constructed of recycled cinder blocks with various kinds of greens growing in them (and I think some radishes) and numerous potted plants that spent the summer outdoors.  They are all in somewhat of a time warp.  The winter sun is weak and the daytime warmth is fleeting and evaporates overnight.  A tray of basil seems content to stay in miniature and three lemons have hovered between dark green and pale yellow for weeks and weeks.

One thing is for sure - the greenhouse extends our growing season.  In a few weeks, we should be enjoying fresh baby greens and maybe a radish or two.  If not, at least the greenhouse is a good place in which to hide from the wind and cold of winter.

Basil, a few days old.
Happy parsley.
Beds newly planted.
Baby greens.


  1. I'm impressed! I know that is a lot of work, but the payoff of greens out of season is fabulous.

  2. The veggies look great! I'm looking forward to extending the growing season with my backyard greenhouse too.


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