Friday, December 30, 2011

Game Cam

My mom sent Kel and me a wildlife (aka "game") camera as a Christmas present when we first moved to Oklahoma and wondered what kind of creatures were roaming about at night while we were fast asleep.  We had all manner of challenges trying to work with it - from figuring out how to put the batteries in, to programming it, to setting it up and then retrieving the photos.

We thought we'd get shots of coyotes, fox, bobcats or maybe even the elusive prairie YetiFoot, but instead we got lots of blurry photos of munching cows (with eyes illuminated like flashbulbs), curious turkeys and too many photos to count of our puzzled faces peering into the lens: is this thing ON?  

And then one day it inexplicably died and we put it on a shelf hoping that it would repair itself.  When it didn't, Kel researched and got another.  And it's a snazzy one.  It's got your date and time of course, but it also notes the phase of the moon and records the temperature.  The scary part is - we didn't program in any of that stuff.  As Kel would say, it's become...self-aware.

Its inaugural evening out in the night, we set it up by the birdfeeders which see heavy traffic day and night (seriously, it's amazing the number of animals that live off of black oil sunflower seeds).  It's like a Sapp Brother's Truck Stop out there.  We came up with about 15 photos of Mr. Skunk in various eating and sniffing postures.  He stuck around pretty much all night.  He's a real Hoover when it comes to sucking up those seeds.  Anyway, he must've wondered why occasionally there would be a bright flash - but it didn't seem to slow him down one bit.

We will continue to set up the camera most nights.  If we keep at it, odds are something truly interesting will wander in front of the lens and get blinded by a searing flash of light.  Let's just hope we have the courage to see whatever it is that will be revealed.


  1. For a while, we were getting possums eating under our bird feeders. I was always nervous going outside during the possum time. I think they're creepy. We also get raccoons, which are adorable. I think if we had skunks, though, I'd really be nervous going out in the yard at night!

  2. Yep, the skunks have my respect. I imagine buying gallons and gallons of tomato juice...

  3. What a fun post! Loved your critter truck stop description.

  4. I once heard that skunks don't have an odor unless they spray...but I'm sorry....I can smell them from miles away!!! hahaha Chuck wants to get a camera for outside, but I'm afraid to find out what animal matches the prints they leave...on my cars and my back deck!

  5. What fun! Maybe, one night you might even get a pic of a coyote......which is where we both came in together, if memory serves, eh?

    Look forward to regular bulletins. Wish we had wildlife of that kind hereabouts!

    Happy New Year to Kel and yourself


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