Tuesday, December 6, 2011

27 Feels Like 18

It's Tuesday morning...cloudy, gray and cold: 27 degrees but "feels like" 18.  It would have been a perfect morning to ignore the alarm, burrow deeper under the covers and sleep in, but the call of the treadmill was too strong and anyway I could hear Ike's collar jangling which means he's telling me that he has urgent matters to address OUTSIDE. 

I pile on three layers plus an over-sized down coat that I bought while living in Moscow (it did nothing to insulate me from the Russian-style winter, but works well here), two hats and Thinsulate gloves.  Grab Ike's treats and his leash just in case he gets the idea that the cows need herding.  (I explain over and over to him what cows are and how all they really want to do is graze and that they are perfectly welcome to be where they are, doing what they are doing.  And anyway, they were here first.)  Winston joins us as usual, his own doggy alarm clock telling him to come over from next door.  And after giving them a good, long walk over the frozen fields - and after feeding the birds and filling various water bowls - we are all ready for breakfast.  Ike gets his special corn- and wheat-free food and Winston gets a big bowl of Ol' Roy al fresco. 

For me, because of the extenuating circumstances, breakfast called for something more robust and comforting than the usual weekday fare.  It called for chocolate.  And pancakes.  And warm tart cherries.  Luckily I had a batch of just what I needed in the freezer: whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes, and some dried cherry-apricot compote in the refrigerator.  If this sounds like breakfast comfort food to you, you can find the recipe for both the pancakes and the compote on my vegan blog, An Unrefined Vegan.

And now, three stomachs contented, we can face the rest of this cold, cold day with grace and courage.  As long as we know a good lunch is coming.


  1. Looks yummy. But at first I thought your post was going to be about YOU feeling 18! (Personally, I don't want to feel 18 again. 35? That sounds about right!)

  2. oh, chocolate chip pancakes, my kind of veggan food. lol.


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