Monday, November 14, 2011

New Greeting Card: Teddy Bear

I first started working on this teddy bear design back in April and lost the thread somewhere along the way.  I put it aside and recently brought it back out, determined to finish it, so that I could include it with the cards I'm taking with me to Tulsa for a meeting with a boutique-owner.  I wanted to have another baby- and child-themed card to show him.

Teddy bears get me to thinking about many things; my own childhood, especially.  What child did not or does not have at least one cuddly bear for comfort?  Truth be told I preferred my stuffed "Elly" - a large, soft gray elephant the perfect size and cushion for hugging - to bears.  Elly is definitely worse for the wear, but I still have him.  I do cherish one particular teddy bear, however.  His name is, cleverly enough, Beary and originally he was my eldest brother's toy.  The bear is nearly pristine which tells me my brother was never one for clinging to stuffed animals.  It's about 10" high with tufted light brown fur, padded paws and he wears a rather worried expression on his face.  I took Beary to college with me and he sat on my bed, guarding my dorm room.

You can find Teddy Bear and lots of other unique, hand-painted cards at my shop, Empty on the Inside.

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  1. Very cute bear card! Love its simplicity. I had a red and white squirrel named Chippy. He was suppose to be a chipmunk but Daddy could only find a red squirrel. I had to quit sleeping with him when I got married because my hubby didn't want to sleep with Chippy. It was hard, but I managed it. ;D


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