Friday, November 11, 2011

High and Tight

It's never good to hear the person cutting your hair say, "Oh wow.  That doesn't look right."  Especially when the person cutting your hair is your life partner, your soul mate and the person with whom you spend nearly every waking and sleeping hour.

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I used to go every six weeks to a nice salon in Dupont Circle.  I'd chat with my "regular" gal for an hour or so and then walk out the door with various products and about one hundred dollars lighter.  Finding a replacement stylist near our rural home proved impossible - though I did go to a barber a few times.  He did a decent job for $8, but I came out smelling like an ashtray and let's just say his chair-side manner was a little lacking.

So Kel was pressed into tonsorial duties.  Not having any experience cutting hair stopped neither him nor me.  How hard could it be anyway?  And since I like my hair very short, it seemed like one couldn't go too far wrong.  And he's consistently done a great job.  The only problem has been - it takes too long.  So this time around we decided to employ an electric razor with one of those comb attachments so that it really would be, you know, fool-proof.  There's no doubt that the razor makes quick work even with my mop of curls, but the comb attachment was deceptive.  Apparently it allowed more hair to be cut than either one of us anticipated, leaving me with less hair than prior haircuts.  I don't think Kel wanted me to find a mirror after he was done.

But I didn't run screaming from the image that greeted me in the mirror.  It's GI Jane, sure, and I can kind of see my scalp shining under there a little bit, but the shorter the better in the sense that there is no maintenance beyond washing it.  No bedhead, no hathead.  I will admit that when Kel first started up the razor and I could see thick tufts of hair falling to the ground, I did feel uncomfortably like a new recruit getting a high and tight for the first time.

(On Veterans Day and every day, I offer my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the men and women who wear and have worn a U.S. military uniform; those who make huge personal sacrifices every day, sometimes making the ultimate sacrifice to protect and serve.  I am especially indebted to those who watched over me during my brief time in Iraq.)


  1. You are very brave, Annie. We also own a hair clipper. I used to use it to cut my son's hair. It sometimes turned out well and sometimes . . . interesting. Now that he is 19, he will only let me near him with the clipper when he is desperate to touch up his hairline.

  2. Certainly saves on the hair maintenance costs - but a bit drastic for me. At least Kel stopped short of leaving you completely scalped.

    Still, it will grow back - and who knows it might be curlier still!

  3. oh my, I can't imagine me with short hair like that, lol. I would probably look like a billard ball and my big nose would show more, lol.
    - ourhometoyours

  4. Very nice! I wear mine about 1.5 inches at the longest, but Annie wears hers so the scalp shines. One word: RoboCut. Laugh, if you must. That's enough. That thing pays for itself like ... I can't think of anything that pays for itself like that thing.


  5. I bet you rock that GI Jane haircut! ;.) Scott makes me cut his hair the same way and it always makes me nervous but he likes it "high and tight" so we're alright. And I have gotten my hair cut once in the past year and 2x last year so we don't spend a lot on our hair these days thankfully -- now don't ask about the little curly haired beings that we live with... maybe we should give them some high and tight hair cuts? ;.) Have a great weekend!


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