Thursday, September 8, 2011

Keep Heading West

Time to head west, away from the tall grass and into the salty bowl of the Wasatch and the Oquirrhs, then down into carbon country and the San Raphael Swell.  A turn of the wheel will take us further west, into Nevada and the Great Basin.  See you next week. 


  1. <3 this!
    Have you ever watched, OMG, now I cannot remember the title of the movie, and I am too lazy to look for it. George Clooney owns a boat, and they are going to go catch some sort of fish, oh, "Perfect Storm". So as he heads out to the sea, he says what he is driving by, the lighthouse, the points, etc. Your writing totally reminded me of that!
    Thank you,

  2. Be safe traveling and come back with stories to share!

  3. Look forward to reading ALL about what you've been doing. Meanwhile, enjoy doing it!


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