Friday, August 12, 2011

Today's Dough: Applesauce Walnut

Applesauce-Walnut bread in the raw.

I found the recipe for this bread in a small, well-worn book, A World of Breads, by Dolores Casella that I picked up at my local library.  It has a huge variety of different breads from around the globe.  Dolores is a bit stingy with the directions, but I like this - it makes me feel as if the art of breadmaking isn't as complicated as it is usually made out to be.

This applesauce loaf originated (according to Dolores, anyway) in France, and with the optional addition of cinnamon makes a slightly sweet bread, crunchy with walnuts, but with a soft texture thanks to the addition of applesauce.  A perfect breakfast bread.


  1. looks so good I can almost smell it, lol

  2. My grandmother made the best breads. This applesauce walnut sounds devine!

  3. Bread making is not complicated. When I first met my late mother in law, God rest her soul, she informed me that her sons "were used to home-made bread" and I got the message! It's always been part of our life and I fit it into my daily routine. It's wonderfully therapeutic, I find - smashing the dough is a safer option than other punching bags! Currently, we've started following a recipe for French Baguettes, which does require a special French bread flour and also fresh yeast (although the fast-acting stuff you probably have access to may be a good substitute). Beauty is that there is no fat nor sugar required - which is great for a diabetic and his carer who needs to watch her weight! Very moreish s well


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