Saturday, August 6, 2011

Morning Walks

My usual morning routine has been commandeered, re-purposed, hijacked and enriched by a 21-pound puppy.  Instead of my 2-hour indoor morning workout, dog and I head outside while the sky still holds on to the last of the night.  Squinting into the gray light we crunch through tall grass, climb over gopher holes, duck under tree limbs and navigate rocks and fence lines.  We've encountered rabbits, a wary juvenile skunk, the neighbor's sheep dog and a clueless armadillo.  It's a great workout for both of us - but only one of us gets to sleep all afternoon.

Ready to patrol
The ladies in the south pasture.
Skunk territory.
Mr. Bull.
Oil pump at dawn.


  1. oh, I'm jealous!!!! My dog will barely get out of bed by lunchtime. of course, he sleeps with me, lol. beautiful pictures.

  2. My, my - you have not been joking about it being dry in your parts have you! Was this written before Ike got his name, I wonder? He's from an interesting parental background, isn't he?

    Hope you continue to enjoy your walk-abouts! All the best.


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