Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Embarrassment of Herby Riches

Last night I made basil pesto risotto with cherry tomatoes and Swiss chard.  It came out mighty tasty - worthy of the long standing-at-the-stove-stirring time.  Between stirs I flipped through a Men’s Journal magazine to find out to what degree men are now suffering under the burden of diet, fashion, exercise, grooming and sex advice women have endured forever.  Gender equality is getting closer, but maybe not quite in the way in which we envisioned it.
Risotto is not the meal a rational person would prepare when it’s 100 degrees out, but the weekly meal plan called for it and I'm more comfortable hovering over a hot stove than ditching a well-constructed plan.  Lists and plans are the bedrock of my sanity; to deviate would be like pulling off a random exit on the highway just to see where it goes.  The basil and Swiss chard were harvested from our garden; our cherry tomatoes are green yet, but they’re coming along and I look forward to eating those straight up, right there in the garden row.  To accompany the risotto I baked up cilantro-scallion pinwheel rolls, veganizing a recipe from the current Bon Appetit magazine which is typically overburdened with meat-centric recipes - but the occasional keeper comes along and this is one of those.

A cool front is supposed to come through sometime - bringing temperatures down to the frigid 90s.  Good thing the meal plan for tonight calls for the chill-chasing comfort of white bean, asparagus and mushroom cassoulet.


  1. Hi there,

    I wanted to thank you for linking to our Red Dirt Chronicles blog, and wish you the best on your project! The risotto sounds lovely (I'm a chard-lovin' freak).

    Take care, RDK


  2. Thanks, RDK! Had I known of you and your love for chard, I would've gladly sent some your way - - we were buried under it!


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